The best of Theme Authority

The best of Theme Authority

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This is a point on which you must be intransigent. If the theme does not adapt to the medium, in other words, if it does not change depending on the screen computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., if it is not “responsive” then it is not for you. This capacity allows Internet users to have a pleasant and practical visit to your site regardless of its equipment. We note on average that 50% of Internet users are on a tablet or smartphone. If you already have a site, take the time to analyze your visitor flow. How many are they to consult via a tablet or a smartphone? For the Theme Authority this is important.

The Google search engine, which wants to display quality sites during Internet user queries, penalizes sites that are not. It has also developed a small tool that will allow you to test whether your site is optimized correctly or not:

When you check your Facebook news feed and want to follow a link that is unreadable, it’s annoying, right? There is a good chance that visitors will not return to your site once at their computer unless they save the publication, but this function is still a little used.

The tree structure

Theme Authority

This is the plan of your site. When you already have a running site and you just want to update the theme to update your design or go upmarket for example, you already have an idea of ​​the different parts that the site will include what we want to improve, add.

When it comes to creating your first site, this step is a little more difficult but just as essential. You must have in mind the different parts of your site and the sub-parts. These elements will form the menu of your site, and for it to be pleasant and easy to spend time there, the navigation must be consistent. The main navigation menu generally has 5 to 6 options and may contain a submenu. It is advisable not to exceed the 6 possibilities so as not to “lose” your visitors. You will need to organize and prioritize your content.

It is important to already have an idea of ​​the categories and pages that you will create to start your site before choosing your theme. You thus have an idea sufficiently precise not to regret your choice. I’m talking about basic because your site must be alive, it can evolve to suit your needs perfectly.

Advantages and disadvantages of a premium theme

Premium WordPress themes (paid) have many advantages:

  • You have access to a variety of styles and features
  • They are updated
  • Their documentation is provided
  • You have a support forum or direct contact

This does not prevent some disadvantages:

Their price from the most affordable to the most expensive. Allow about $ 30 to $ 120 for a professional theme. That being said, it is a very small investment compared to what it would cost you to develop a custom theme.

Their side sometimes “bling bling” with a lot of features and details which, let’s be honest, you do not need. This last case is widespread and can make you lose speed in loading and managing your site on a daily basis.


The7 also available on ThemeForest prides itself on being the most customizable theme on the market and is optimized to work with Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons. From a personalization point of view, there are more than 700 options available to design the site of your dreams.