Knit is to wear and not to tear

Knit is to wear and not to tear

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There are many types of dresses in all over the world like short wearing’s of chuddies, t-shirts, pants, salwars etc… And for men dhoti’s, shirts, t-shirt wearing’s etc… The knitwear is also a type of dress wearing’s which is made with the help of sheep’s covering skin. Nowadays the knitwear gets trending in the fashion industry in foreign countries.  These knitwears are specially used for the sportswear using various specialized machinery and techniques. This is a design of fabrics used in knitwear. This article is to say about the check out Ecowool

  • Use of knit fibre
  • The knitted fibre is more flexible
  • Can be constructed into many smaller pieces
  • It can be constructed as soon as possible.

For example, we can use to say about socks and wearing hats.


The knit fibre is taken first and joined each other by using a needle or by using a machine. They used to fix it hard and flexible without the removal of fibre as the family have packed together.

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The knit fibre is used in leather design programming structures of leather garments like footwear, accessories for lifestyle, goods. The goods products like fashion, footwear outerwear of the dress. Mostly we used to buy these type of knit fibres materials in the area of manufacturing, development, retailing, buying and merchandising. As we have discussed before, the process of knitting can be done with the help of hand or by using the machine. These knitting processes have different forms of structure they are

  • Wales and courses
  • Ornamentations and additions
  • Weft and warp knitting
  • Cables, increases and lace
  • Knit and purl stitches
  • Right and left plaited stitches
  • Edges and joins between fabrics
  • Materials used
  • There are some of the materials used in the knitting is
  • The yarn
  • Metal wire
  • Glass or wax can be used
  • Yarn styles
  • The knitting styles to hold or to withstand the yarn is
  • Continental style
  • English style
  • Mega knitting
  • Portuguese or Incan or it c can also be called a Turkish style
  • Tools required
  • There are some of the tools required for the purpose of knitting
  • Needles like largest circular needles and record
  • Ancillary tools are also required for this purpose of knitting

For the knitting purpose, they used to check and choose the texture of the fabric and as well as it’s colour. Mostly we used to see the combination of colour and its material like cotton, synthetic, nylon, fibre etc., there are many types of cloth varieties and model. The first and the basic fabric which is knitted called as a stockinet or stocking. These type of fabric knitted have a right side and wrong side. On the right side, portions knitted in a V-shapes which connects the two rows of a v-shaped knitting invisible portions.  The stitches can be done in both the sides which is comfortable or according to the person who does the knitting.  There is also a mixed stitch in the wrong side is known as purl stitches, either more in a column or in a row. The column side is also known as ribbing and the rows section is known as garter or welting.