The APIs Mellifera sweetie bee

The APIs Mellifera sweetie bee

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Apis melifera is a bee, and from Europe, Western Asia and Africa. It was introduced in the 17th century by the human, currently, it is found at a lot of continents like Australia, North and South America. The lifespan of Apis melifera is 122- 152 days. It is the most common and firs honey bees all over the world. It was easily identified by us because it has a color. It is red/ brown with black bands. The scientific name for bees is Apis.


Honey is a favorite one for all; it was made by honeybees when all the nectar and other sweet leave. UseMyBee is a honey sealing private company where quality and hygienic honey were produced. Then it was stock up and sold to the public for the food source. The profitable honey is collecting from the Asian and European honeybee. It produce one liter of honey when it was fly above 60,000 to 70,000 Km. it also used for medical rationale.


Even human beings have slighter magnitudes of the honey in their nests of various native stingless. Without bees, the honey doesn’t make. If it is possible means, that honey is not real. The bee collects honey from various flowers. Most of the honey collects from the bananas because it encloses a bulky quantity of carbohydrates and crowded with raw materials.


The wax is produced from the bee’s stomach, where it was stored a special was glands are there. From the beginning stage of the bees, these wax glands are formed. This wax helps to produce the honey. The things like candles, polishes, and creams are making from the Beeswax. The candles have a special smell.

Bee venomous:

Bee venom is taken from bees; it is also called as Apitoxin, which is a colorless liquid. It also helps with medicine like ailments, tonics, etc. In recent investigate, it is a benefit for the human.

Royal jelly:

It is produced by the bees, which is used for larva and queen bee. And also helps to worker bees. Up to three days, larvae have a portion of food from bees. During the developmental process, the queen bee is fed with royal jelly. It is a health complement by humans. It contains sugar, fats, amino acids, vitamins and proteins from the grasped pollen.


In-plant, glands have a liquid high in sucrose which is also known as nectarines. When honey bees produce honey, the moisture is evaporated this is high in moisture. The high sources of carbohydrates are contained in the nectar.


From the pollen basket, bees are collecting the pollen and carry it to recycle again. Only the worker honey bees are doing this mission. The pollen is not collected by the male and queen bees. Hive pollen is used to make a protein for the bee children. A. Melifera and A. Cerana are collecting the surplus pollen from the hive.

Examples of honey bee products:

  • Lip Balm: The person who wants soft and shiny lips, they use the products mixed with honey. It makes glowing and healthy lips.
  • Cleanser: The person who wants beautiful skin, they may use honey products for healthy skin. It is a good moisturizer and adds superfluous sparkle.
  • Medicine: Honey also used for medicine to cure patients of the problems. It also helps with medicine like ailments, tonics, etc. In recent investigate, it is a benefit for the human.