Finding the Best Choices in the Perfect Voice Over Deals

Finding the Best Choices in the Perfect Voice Over Deals

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In order to explain a little more about this voice art, we have prepared a short text about how the voice acting came about and what its purpose is. Dubbing is the replacement of the original voice of audiovisual productions (movies, series, cartoons, soap operas, documentaries, reality shows, games, etc.) with the voice and interpretation of a voice actor of the native language of the country. There are also voiceovers in the same language, used to improve the quality of the original sound, something mainly used in commercials and music, or when there is a failure to capture direct sound in audiovisual productions. With the female voice actors you can have the smart deals.

The History of Dubbing

The first films with sound appeared in the 1920s, in 1925, but cinema began to “dub” even only in 1927 with the movie “The Jazz Singer” which included a few lines, but the first film totally dubbed “Lights of New York” released in 1929.

The Jazz Singer (USA – 1927)

female voice actors

The advent of sound has caused a revolution in the cinema of Europe and the United States. The lines of the characters, which until then were represented by letters and could be translated into all languages, faced the first challenge. Since subtitling was not successful in principle, they even thought of filming the scenes in multiple languages ​​with the same actors or with other actors from different parts of the world. This solution, of course, was not economically viable.

But in 1930 Jacob Karol invented a recording system that could synchronize audio and image. It was the birth of the technique that would be called voice acting.

The dubbing feature allowed the sound quality of the movies to be improved, as the filming equipment was extremely noisy, which did not always allow good sound capture. It was also a good solution for external outlets in harsh conditions.

The biggest advantage of the advent of voice acting may have been the possibility that it has allowed artists to speak in many languages, which has opened up a large field of work for as many artists in many parts of the world.

In Brazil

In Brazil began to dub first cartoons for the cinema, which allowed children to understand and have fun with the great works of animation cinema. This production marked the beginning of the activities of the Brazilian voice acting, followed by other creations of the same studio as Pinocchio , Dumbo and Bambi .


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Brazil – 1938)

Brazilian films already had the voice acting to correct the precariousness of the sound equipment available in the ’40s and 50’s productions, and it became natural to do the same work for foreign films. With the success of television, the need for dubbing for the small screen became necessary and little by little Brazilians became accustomed to the almost inconceivable idea at the time of great Hollywood stars speaking Portuguese. You need to be perfect in these matters and for that, you will need to have a perfect approach in the whole process. Last choices are even essential when voice over is essential now.