The Perfect Football: The way You Need

The Perfect Football: The way You Need

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The opening of the Cup has left Valentine’s Day in the background and its celebration will be in front of the TV, watching the debut of the country. The problem is, you don’t understand football at all and now? Before you take a look at the psl results you need to know the followings also.

Calm down, the team, in collaboration with colleagues from another team, has come up with a short guide to the basics you need to know to understand what’s going on inside the field and not talk nonsense in front of your boyfriend or friends. Good cup.

The game

Consisting of two teams with 11 players with the goalkeeper the match is divided into two 45-minute periods, interspersed with a 15-minute break. The goal of each team is to score goals against the opposing team and prevent their goalkeeper from conceding goals.

The field

psl results

Formed by two lateral lines and two bottom lines, the field is divided in half by a circle that forms the center of the lawn. At each end of the field, the goal is surrounded by the small area that small square around the goalposts, which in turn is surrounded by the large area. The point in front of the goal, in the middle of the penalty area, is the penalty mark, where the ball should be positioned at the time of the kick.

The positions

Field Positions: A team’s attack and defense must work together to win.

Goalkeepers: Their job is to prevent the ball from entering the goal. Within the small area, they can use any body part to defend their team.

Defenders: Defensive players, their goal is to stop the attack after the opponents are already halfway through the field.

Steering Wheels: positioned further in the middle of the field in front of the defenders, they usually begin to dismantle the attack of the opposing team. Once they regain possession of the ball, it is the defensive midfielder who initiates the frame of the offense.

Sides: They act in both defense and offense in this case they are called wings and move along the sides of the field. Usually, they are the ones who make the side charges.

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Socks: It is usually from these players’ feet that attack rolls are born. Positioned in midfield hence the name they can follow the ball to the opponent’s goal, but they can also act more defensively.

Strikers: Goals and assists the goal scorer passes are their business. They spend most of their time in the opposing area trying to score in this case they are called forward or run to the back of the field from the wings, crossing the ball into the area (in this case they are called the striker.


The judge is the highest authority on the field and his duty is to enforce the rules of the sport. To this end he has the help of two assistants the flags and the use of verbal warnings and the yellow and red cards.