Group activities for building team

Group activities for building team

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If you think video games are just about fun, think again. They’ve also been shown to be good for brain health, increasing focus, and boosting productivity. Even if you’re not a fan of playing the games, you can just listen to their soundtrack – a proven method that stimulates the brain and keeps people energized at Team Building Singapore .

The number of players: 1-10 participants.

How to play: Start by getting a video gaming console for the office to show you’re embracing the gaming culture. Create your own small collection of video games focusing on the ones that require coordination between players – like Halo, Rock Band, or Just Dance for an added physical activity bonus.

The next step would be trying to introduce a video gaming break once a week or organizing a video gaming tournament after work hours.

Why play? Engaging and stimulating, video games are proven to boost business morale and improve productivity even in adults.

Googly eyes

This fun drawing-based game will make a great addition to the next board gaming night at the office. Googly Eyes is similar to Pictionary and requires you to draw, but comes with a silly twist – you have to wear goggles.

The number of players: 4-16 participants.

How to play: Players are required to get to the finish first by winning the drawing challenges. Each player wears goggles that blur their vision while guessing what their teammate is drawing. What’s useful is that the googly glasses fit all ages and fit over prescription glasses, so it’s perfect if the company is having a “bring-your-kid-to-work” day.

Why play? This game is easy to learn, yet it will bring your team lots of laughs.

Code of conduct

A simple, yet meaningful team building game that will set the tone for the event and build consensus on shared values. In this activity, teams list what matters to them on a whiteboard.

The number of players: 10-30 participants.

How to play: On a whiteboard, write down the words “meaningful” and “pleasant”. Each participant tells the group what makes this event or seminar meaningful or pleasant. For each suggestion, make sure all participants understand the idea and there’s a consensus from all participants.

Then, go through each suggested idea and ask how the participants would ensure it’s carried out. Record the notes on the whiteboard with sticky notes.

Team Building Singapore

Eventually, all ideas mutually agreed on as being “meaningful” and “pleasant” will create the Code of Conduct for the group, and they have to uphold their code throughout the event.

Why play? The activity builds mutual trust and establishes group values. Perfect for the start of an event, seminar, or workshop.

Silver lining

Going down memory lane is a great way to get team members to bond with each other. However, not everyone will recall an event in the same light as others. Pointing out the silver lining will help people see things from their coworkers’ perspectives.

The number of players: 4-12 people, divided up into pairs.

How to play: Divide all participants into teams of two or more people based on who’s had a shared work experience – for example, working on the same project.

One team member shares a negative experience from that experience, while the other team member shares the same experience, but focuses on the positive aspects of it. This is where the “silver lining” is revealed. Then they switch, the latter telling a negative memory, while the former tells a positive one to counteract it.

Why play? This team-building activity reframes experiences, improves morale, and shifts perspectives.