Finer Elements in the Choice of the Electrical Service

Finer Elements in the Choice of the Electrical Service

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It is somewhat harder to grasp criterion, however, when we are at that supplier size, some certainty in supplier stability is also needed, especially when large volumes of consumption are involved. The law protects the user so that even if the supplier goes bankrupt, the customer is not without delivery. It automatically falls under the so-called supplier of last resort, which is the main dominant supplier in each territory. It is your Power to Choose .

Power to Choose

On the other hand, a failed supplier can cause you a lot of trouble. Whether accounting often does not make you a final settlement even after the license has been withdrawn, as well as collecting advances that you will forfeit in the event of an overpayment, quite often to the detriment of the customer, highly calculated consumption from that supplier of last resort can come. And it can only be claimed from a failed supplier.

Withdrawal Possibility

Here just briefly each supplier has its terms when to terminate the contract. Most often it is 3 months before the contract expires at the latest. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the contract, after the expiration of this period, the contract is automatically extended for another period sometimes a year is set, sometimes the same period for which the original contract was concluded. Certainly, it will not be under the same price conditions, on the contrary, automatically set the most basic and therefore the most expensive price lists.


Sometimes a much-underrated service, but then very much appreciated having your own supplier representative, to whom you can turn everything. On the one hand, if he fulfills what he promises, he should keep an eye on the prices and their expiry and extend the price concessions at least to the extent that you concluded the contracts.

In addition, it should be a person who moves in the energy industry on a daily basis and be able to deal with any requirements, whether it concerns adjustments of advances, control and possible claims of billing, handling of transcripts in the case of e.g. moving to technical matters, if necessary change circuit breakers, distribution rates, etc.

Unfortunately, customer lines are often the biggest weakness of suppliers, both in terms of connectivity and in terms of speed and ability to handle requests. In addition, some anonymity of the representative you invoke can also play its own.

On the other hand, there is a businessman who is interested in long-term cooperation with you. And one of the criteria for choosing one or another supplier may be trusted in such a person. It can save you a lot of work and worries in the future especially if you have multiple supply points.

Contractual penalties, notice periods

At every second customer forum, you will find clients who complain about unfavorable contract terms, notice periods and high fines. This indicates that only a handful of people are actually reading the general terms and conditions, the contract itself or the price list. And, of course, suppliers are trying to make the most of it, setting long notice periods and high fees in the event of early termination. The advice is the only one in this case: always read what you sign before signing the contract.