What the Diablo 2 Store Actually Offers

What the Diablo 2 Store Actually Offers

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As for timely updates and the fight against hacks, then mentioning them is the best way to trample on the fans’ favorite corns of the game. Patch 1.10 seems to go down in history as the only patch that millions of players have been waiting for more than any game, and they have been waiting for more than a year. Maphack, trade hacks, dupes, dishonest traps on the closed net today there is a whole set of gentlemen of luck, and auctions openly offer appropriate programs. In the Diablo 2 store you can find the best choices now.

Of course, Blizzard does not even think to stare blankly at this disgrace. Terrible threats to dishonest players are constantly passing through official forums, and about half a year there are demonstrative punitive actions, as a result of which several thousand victims acquire new accounts and everything returns to square one. The game is too popular, to be honest.

By the way, precisely after the fair play ended in Diablo II, top players left the game, and the rest of the fans followed after them. At the end of 2002, most went to the new DAoC then, many decided to finally look at EverQuest, and today all eyes are focused on World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, EverQuest 2 and, of course, Guild Wars, which, by the way, is created by the former backbone 1997 Blizzard North Naturally, the old Diablo II can no longer be compared with these monsters of the genre, but go to net and you will always have someone to play DII with. What the hell have they been doing there for five years already?  The puzzled beginner will exclaim. Let’s see together.

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An essential element of an online multiplayer game is communication. By and large, the MMOG developers have their highest hopes for the interaction between the players. Artificial intelligence that can captivate for months is still an impossible dream, but prosperity

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MMOG directly depends on the number of subscribers. In addition, the fantasy world is very conducive to the liberation of creative abilities in some clans serious role-playing is a necessary condition for membership.

Diablo 2 store

When all this is multiplied by a perfect interface, convenient chat tools and a ladder, to which all eyes are riveted, a motley crowd of players instantly transforms into a developed community. To save time, abbreviations are used, over which even an experienced fidosman breaks his head, various championships are organized, and, in addition to everything, people have fun as they can, making their own additions to the rules of the game.

It all began in the fall of 2000, when the Russian community on Battle.net, evaluating the popularity of the game, muddied, a collective character called to head the European rating. At that time it was almost impossible to reach the maximum 99th level alone, and about fifty of our players pumped a single superhero, creating conditions for him to gain the most rapid experience.

However, quite a lot has already been said about that story at one time even CNN paid attention to it, we only note here the influence of this event on the gaming community. Over the course of several months, Diablo II has become much more than just a game for hundreds of players.