The Facebook Ad Options for You Now

The Facebook Ad Options for You Now

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Facebook ads are broadcast most of the time in a person’s news feed, between posts from family or friends. It is therefore preferable that they are as attractive and human as possible, showing images of people enjoying the direct benefits of your product rather than simply presenting it. With the Visual reports of Facebook Ads this is important now.

Visual reports of Facebook Ads

You have everything in hand to create an optimized ad. However, keep in mind that it is also essential to:

  • Target your audience correctly before launching your campaign using the different personalization options available in the Facebook advertising and strategy manager
  • Determine a realistic and optimal budget
  • Create successful landing pages related to your ad
  • Enable conversion tracking for your campaign

Advertising on Facebook is essential today to improve its web visibility. If you have a product, service or website to promote, nothing beats the targeting potential of today’s largest social network. So how easy is it to create a Facebook Ads ad? Yes, but to succeed in a Facebook Ads campaign, make an effective ad and optimize your budget, it is better to follow the tips that we present to you in this article.

Optimizing ads based on results

To create a Facebook ad, you must first have created a Facebook business page or fan page. Then simply access the Ads Manager and register a bank card. You will find a link “Advertising manager” or “Advertising” in the left column of the news feed of your profile. You can also click on the “Create” button that appears in the blue menu at the top and then select “Advertising”. Tip: it is better to go through the Ad Manager, which offers more features, rather than using the blue “Boost publication” button that appears on posts on the company page.

Facebook ads are very interesting to set up for a business, even for a small local shop. They indeed have several advantages over Google AdWords advertising:

  • They are easier to configure
  • They are generally less expensive than sponsored links in Search
  • They allow more precise targeting thanks to the profiling of Facebook users
  • They offer more varied marketing objectives
  • The tunnel for Facebook advertising is relatively well marked.

Choosing the right Facebook Ads campaign goal

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First, determine your marketing objective. What will your Facebook advertising be used for? To highlight or sponsor posts so that more users can see them? To invite to a Facebook event, answering these first questions will allow you to choose one of the options offered by Facebook, during the first stage of the ad creation tunnel in the ad manager:

  • Marketing objectives for Facebook ads
  • The marketing objectives proposed by Facebook

Facebook is really a social network that offers the most marketing objectives and different advertising formats. Each objective corresponds to a given advertising format. Even if it often happens that you gain subscribers on your page while broadcasting a traffic generation advertisement to your site. Defining your objectives clearly will also help you measure the performance of your advertising campaign with the right indicators.

Gradually target your audience

Targeting is the great strength of Facebook ads. First, you can define the audience for your campaign using standard criteria: location, age, gender and language. But there are also many more specific criteria in advanced targeting. Facebook allows you to target.