The Energy Sources and Your Options Now

The Energy Sources and Your Options Now

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You do not need to turn off all the lights and light yourself by candle to optimize your consumption. You can follow some simple tips that will have an impact on your electricity bill: Make the most of natural light by washing your windows regularly. This will allow them to let in more lights. Also, play with the arrangement of your furniture so that it does not obstruct light sources. With the Power to Choose Texas you can find the best solutions present.

Use light colors on the walls: this will allow you to better reflect the light, and therefore avoid using artificial light. Opt for low consumption bulbs, which consume much less than conventional bulbs while having a longer lifespan. You can, therefore, opt for LEDs, which you will adjust the light intensity according to the rooms where they are located.

Change supplier

A simple and effective solution to reduce the electricity bill still remains to change energy supplier. Indeed, with the opening of the energy market to competition, electricity contracts are now without obligation. You can, therefore, terminate them whenever you wish. So do not hesitate to play the competition to find the most suitable offer. However, you will not be able to save on the price of the connection, since it is set by the network manager.

Offer comparators

Power to Choose Texas

In order to find the offer that best suits your needs, we, therefore, advise you to compare the different suppliers. To help you in your quest, you can use an offer comparator. There are several including that of the government site.

To better compare the offers, you will have several data to take into account. You will, therefore, have to make a rough estimate of your consumption. In order to choose, you will have to take into account your estimate, but also other data such as the quality of customer service or the type of offer for example. You will therefore have to take into consideration the price of electricity from different suppliers.

An LED bulb is 20 times more efficient than an incandescent bulb. In addition, an incandescent bulb converts 90% of the energy received into heat and only 10% into light. While for the LED bulb, the conversion is 50% in heat and 50% in light. A full freezer is not only practical when you don’t feel like cooking. If the various compartments are well furnished, significantly less hot outside air will rush into the freezer when it is opened.

Prevent the hidden consumption of your household appliances.

The television or the hi-fi system must not remain on standby during the night. Connect these devices to multiple plugs fitted with a switch that you can turn off in a single gesture. Also, hunt for electronic devices the day before. You can do this by plugging your devices into a power strip equipped with a switch, which will allow you to cut power to all devices at once. There is also power management software for computers, but there are also outlets that can stop powering standby devices. Thus, boxes are commercially available in order to save electricity.

Remember to thaw your freezer regularly. When the interior walls are covered with frost, it is high time to think about it. A 2 mm layer of frost can increase the consumption of your freezer by 10%.