Smartest Options for the Animal Conservation Now

Smartest Options for the Animal Conservation Now

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The purpose of such demonstrations is to attract the attention of the population and authorities to the problems of conservation of endangered species of animals. The topics of such public actions can be different from a protest against the trade in fur products to the call to preserve any nature protection zone. From Screenhaus Magazin you can have the smartest options now.

Abolition of poaching

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It is necessary to reduce the scale of illegal hunting in the near future because at the moment the problem has acquired a truly serious character.

It is important

It is necessary to deal with the problem at the level of authorities, but now there are frequent cases when officials themselves use their position for unpunished hunting in protected areas. Other segments of the population, among which poaching is widespread, are residents of areas where such fishing has become a tradition, as well as representatives of criminal groups.

Wildlife Donation

Despite the fact that, according to the polls, the vast majority of Russians call it the wealth of nature, the donations to its protection funds are made by less than 1% of the population.

Organization of volunteer movements to protect wildlife

Previously, volunteer movements were mostly concentrated around organizations for the conservation of animal species and nature. Now, thanks to the development of Internet communications, volunteers have the opportunity to both act independently and to join small initiative groups. The main areas of work are garbage collection, tree planting, assistance in caring for animals and even eliminating the consequences of environmental disasters.

Such an important and global goal as the preservation of rare and endangered animals, to the extent necessary for its implementation, requires the intervention of the maximum number of people. Even a small donation or the simplest volunteer work is another step towards restoring natural resources.

Personal contribution to the conservation of rare species

Those who are interested in the fate of endangered species and the protection of natural wealth in general, sooner or later ask themselves the question: “What can we do to save animals?”

Thanks to the conscious attitude of hundreds of thousands of people towards nature, WWF has the opportunity to influence the destruction of rare species, take measures to restore populations, and conduct regular anti-poaching raids in the habitats of endangered animals. The participation of volunteers can reduce the cost of some types of work, but there are other costs: equipment, animal feed, medicine and other current expenses. Therefore, donations are now one of the most effective methods of assistance. Even a small contribution will bring benefits because in the aggregate the number of supporters of the fund allows you to collect amounts for large-scale actions.

Last Words

For example, we managed to return bison to our forests, stabilize the number of Amur tigers and solve many other problems. Only one contribution in the amount of 900 dollars will make it possible to provide a week for feeding the bison in autumn and spring, and 2,000 dollars will be enough to provide a daily anti-poaching raid with gasoline. Donations can be made in any convenient way: by bank transfer, using Internet and SMS payments, as well as buying charity gifts.