Perfect Use of the Used Cars Sale Now

Perfect Use of the Used Cars Sale Now

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There are sometimes categories depending on the age of the car, as with Peugeot, with the Occasions du Lion Premium vehicle up to 6 years old and 130,000 km on the odometer maximum or Primo 10 years and 160,000 km. These labels imply a complete overhaul with tests and controls, a commercial guarantee of 6 to 36 months and assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, often coupled with the loan of a car in the event of a breakdown. Depending on the brand, the satisfied or replaced option allows you to change your mind after a few days. In addition, professionals must assume the legal guarantee of conformity which covers the car 2 years after purchase. From you can have the best choices there.

Trace the history of the car

Whether professional or private, a seller must provide all proof of maintenance and repairs. Having the initial purchase invoice is an asset if only to diagnose the precise model and its possible options, which can justify an additional cost. Please note, sellers often mix standard equipment and options in order to supplement their vehicles. Note that an over-equipped model as standard will be less rated than a basic version with equivalent options.

Finally, if the car is more than 4 years old, a technical inspection report dated less than 6 months is imperative. Be careful that any defects found have been corrected otherwise repairs and counter-visits would be your responsibility. This precious technical check also allows you to know the actual mileage of the car. In fact, according to the Automobile Club Association, one in five used cars in France and one in three in Europe is sold with a rigged meter.

A scam in full explosion as the boxes and software allowing rejuvenating a car are at good prices on the Net. As the handling does not leave any traces, the investigation must be carried out with the national authority which governs technical control. The process is free.

Screen the vehicle

Start by testing all the electrical functions, from lighting to window regulators, including ventilation, demisting, etc. A broken electric window costs $ 350 to $ 500 to repair. Lift the seat covers, they sometimes act as coveralls. Track the traces of moisture under the carpets and trunk mats, signs of waterproofing to be resumed. If the car has air conditioning, turn it on. Bad odors or the absence of cold air are synonymous with problems whose repair involves great costs. Then lean over the body to detect color differences that reveal old interventions. Don’t forget the tires whose wear must be regular. Otherwise, a passage in geometry is necessary to adjust the running gear. Then count from 100 to 200 $ for the simple control, to which is added the hourly cost of labor if an adjustment is necessary. Nothing prohibitive but it is enough to renegotiate the price.

Take a test drive

Getting behind the wheel is essential. And don’t just go around the block. In town, appreciate the behavior of the clutch neither too hard nor too soft, of the gearbox no creaks or difficulty in shifting gears. Do not forget to also test the reverse gear. A few kilometers on the road will make it possible to detect tired shock absorbers instability when cornering, excessive body movements and to judge the approval of the braking. Watch for a plume of smoke in the rearview mirror during clear acceleration, a sign of a tired engine. Finish your test by lifting the hood.