Instagram 2020 Marketing Trends

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Social media is nothing but our life. Really! We can not live without scrolling through our timeline. There are many social media platforms and one of the strongest ones is Instagram. Do you need to tell you how many people are active users on Instagram? This platform is one of the most loved and flourishing social media platforms until now. Its trend is increasing every day and already there are millions of people tapping their fingers to like pictures on Instagram.

This platform is mainly used by teenagers to young adults which means all the new generation is on this platform. With so many people here, it becomes the finest medium for businesses to target the majority of the audience. Instagram marketing is actually a thing. We know when Instagram was first launched nobody thought that it would have a big impact on the marketing world but look where we are now, promoting and selling our products.

In fact, it is not just for big business. There are many successful small businesses that are running through just because of Instagram. People are taking orders and delivering by getting in touch with their clients through Instagram which means we clearly can not avoid Instagram if we want to get a good number of leads as it is the perfect platform to attract our potential customers. But everybody knows that without a solid marketing strategy, nothing can work in business and that’s why it is important to know some impressive Instagram marketing trends that will be dominating this platform a lot. If you don’t know any of those trends then don’t worry as we are here to tell you some amazing points that will bring great changes to your business. But before let’s just see why Instagram is an ideal place for selling and promoting your products?

  • The first reason is that Instagram is a social media platform which means be it any company, they don’t have to be super formal while showcasing their products and services. Since they are about to deliver their messages to youngsters, they can be casual on Instagram.
  • Instagram is a great way to connect to your potential customers. It is actually the case with every social media platform. You can connect with people easily and you don’t have to look for their contact details. A single direct message (DM) can help you to add a new customer.
  • Instagram is free and this becomes an amazing excuse. We know that all other platforms are free too but platforms like Instagram which are visually attractive and have young active users is a common thing. Facebook is trendy too but it has more mature and aged people as their active users.

We have to stop here as the reasons can go on and on but now it is the time to tell you how you can grow your business through Instagram. Having said that, it is time to see some amazing Instagram 2020 Marketing Trends.

Influencer marketing

Let us start this by saying that it is one of the strongest ways of marketing on Instagram. Influencers are the people who are having heavy numbers of followers on any social media platform (but here we are taking the case of Instagram).

These influencers have so many followers due to their content which is related to a specific field like beauty or sports. They get followers who are interested in the content of that particular industry. Your job is to find an influencer who matches the industry of your product. By doing so, you are giving the right platform of promotion to your product and it will reach out to a maximum number of people who would be genuinely interested in your products.

If you are a small business then we would suggest you go with a small to a medium influencer who will charge you a reasonable fee rather than contacting a celebrity for your product/service endorsement.

Quality content for engagement

We don’t know how to say this in a better way that ‘no one likes bad content.’ It sounds so simple, right? It is very simple to understand too but still, there is bad content on this platform. There are certain things we would like to tell you in this section and let’s start with visuals.

Instagram is perfect for humans as we are visual creatures and we want something that is pleasing to our eyes and Instagram serves this purpose. It allows us to post visual content which attracts a lot of people. The first thing while promoting your product on Instagram is to make sure your visuals are the best. The image that you are about to share is amazing. You can select some kind of theme for your Instagram and on the internet, you can find countless themes that will be visually appealing and amazingly successful in attracting potential customers.

Next, we would like to talk about the captions. A good and engaging caption can make your Instagram more interesting. Don’t always promote your products, make something which is engaging also.

Promote through stories

Instagram stories are the best way to post the temporarily engaging content like small videos of a staff member or someone using your products. But there is one feature that you can take advantage of and it is the link through the story. You can insert links in your story and anyone can open the link simply by swiping up the story. You can insert the link of your website, webpage, YouTube video and many more But the only problem that you might face is the number of followers. This feature works only if the profile is having followers more than 10K (10,000). You can gain Instagram followers through various methods if you want to have the privilege of using this feature.

These were some of the amazing Instagram marketing ideas which you can use to experience a boom in your business. Next time when you have to promote your service or product, you know what you have to do.