How do you create a site with attractive and practical design?

How do you create a site with attractive and practical design?

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To better understand the issues you need to focus on, it is important to know that:

  • 89% of consumers do a short research online before making a decision
  • 60% of online users choose the brand or product they find the most relevant information
  • 75% of them admit that an attractive website design inspires their credibility

Moreover, it is important to know that users make an impression of a site in just 2.6 seconds on average. These denote that any site design must be friendly, well organized, and easy to navigate and must ensure site speed. With the Webdesign Schweiz you can have the best deal now.

94% of users make an impression based on quality site design. Visual complexity is important for online users, but prototypes should not be lacking, as it offers them the opportunity to access different pages and information intuitively. For example, most of us know that the three lines on the right, left, or center of a mobile-friendly site are the main menu symbol, as shown in the image below.

Menu site design

When it comes to superior website design, expert opinion weighs the most. Google Research Blog recommends a subtle and balanced combination of the two elements: visual complexity and prototyping. To create an attractive and user-friendly site that does not mislead users, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Among the most important are:

  • The skeleton of the site
  • Placement on the page
  • Consistency
  • Contrast
  • Brand display
  • Functionality
  • Typography
  • Empty space
  • Symmetry
  • User-friendly design
  • Intuitive buttons.

Tips & Tricks for an attractive website design

You can improve the look of your site right now if you consider the following tricks:

Create a clean and well-organized homepage

Even if you have the impression that users will miss the most important information if you do not cram them all into the homepage, the effect is contrary to expectations. The cleaner and better organized a homepage is, the more confidence it will inspire.

Plays an attractive image, in balanced shades at the top of the page, and clearly expresses the message you want to convey, using text in a simple format. Put the categories in view and choose a design that is easy to access.

Improves page loading speed

A very loaded design, lots of images and video content, but lack of optimization can make the site difficult, causing pages to load very hard. Opt for medium or small images and make sure each page loads in less than 3 seconds.

Make sure the design is responsive

Webdesign Schweiz

Responsive design is a mobile-friendly design, in which visitors will easily find what they are looking for. The overlap of the images and the very slow loading of the pages, but also the difficulty of finding the searched categories are the basis of the main frustrations of the online users who leave your site faster than you expected.

Responsive site design

It limits stimuli that can distract from the content. Too many ads, article suggestions, recommendations or call-to-action buttons can be tiring for users and can distract them from truly important content. The simpler and clearer the website design, the easier it will be for users to navigate.