Essential Options for the Best of Adword Works

Essential Options for the Best of Adword Works

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The conversion rate shows what percentage of sessions on our website ended in the desired action depending on the set goal these can be e.g. making a purchase, subscribing to the newsletter or going to the Contact tab. Conversion rate allows you to determine whether the traffic that goes to our site is valuable from the point of view of our goals, whether users find exactly what they are looking for on the site or do not take any action. It should be remembered that other factors also affect conversions the appearance of the website and its functionality, pricing policy, product range, etc. For Reporting tool for Google AdWords this is important.

To check the number of visits from Google organic results, key phrases or conversion rate in the period of interest, go to the appropriate section GA: Acquisition, Campaigns, Free keywords:

404 errors and page indexation: Google Search Console

Search Console is another free tool from Google that lets you measure the effectiveness of positioners. It makes it easy to monitor your own websites in Google search results. Search Console reports in Analytics will provide you with information on the effectiveness of visits from organic search results. You can see data such as user queries and the number of occurrences of URLs belonging to your site in search results impressions, as well as post-click activity data that illustrate users’ involvement in the site, e.g. click-through rate and e- conversion rate commerce. This data combination helps optimize your site for the most profitable visits.

Before you can view Search Console reports, add your site to Search Console and verify it. If this is your first time using Search Console, you’ll need to add your website to it to begin collecting search query data for Analytics Reports for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To view reports:

  • Log in to your Analytics account.
  • Enter the appropriate view.
  • Select the Reporting tab.
  • Select Acquisition> Search Console.

What positioners can you verify here?

Are they monitoring messages from Google, are they responding to them, are they analyzing 404 errors and redirecting them, are there errors in the implementation of structured data, etc. You can also check links that have been indexed by Google and lead to our site, as well as keywords, which are responsible for switching to a page from Google search.

How do you verify these actions?

Enter the Search Console and check the status of messages and relevant tabs. The Links to your site view in Google Search Console other resources in red frames that are worth paying attention to.

What do the marked tabs mean?

News in this tab you will find information from Google and its moderators. Most often, these are tips on increasing the visibility of the page in Organic or error messages found by crawlers. Here you will find information about penalties imposed by Google. Moderators can be exposed to, among others too many links of poor quality to your site.

Reporting tool for Google AdWords

Blocking resources: here you can find out what resources on your Googlebot site cannot access. For example, if a robots.txt file’s blocks reading of any of the resources, Googlebot may have problems rendering and indexing the content.

Crawl errors: Here you will find information about errors found during indexing the page, which are divided into three types: DNS related server connections and robots.txt.