Competitive Sports and More for Your Understanding

Competitive Sports and More for Your Understanding

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The former will find in the individual and competitive sports, such as swimming or martial arts, a tool to test themselves, measuring themselves primarily with themselves and their abilities and learning to channel their redundant energies into something beautiful and positive. You can also decide to include them in a team sport, which will be a valuable outlet for them, as well as the ability to play the role of leader within the group, educating them to respect the rules and others, to ensure the success of the whole team. For 먹튀신고 this is essential.

Similarly, for the most timid children and awkward, the individual sport may be the first step to acquire security in themselves and in their abilities, then deal with more awareness and courage, judgment and comparison with others. Even involving those in a team sport can be an opportunity to open up and communicate with others and to find their role within the group.

What is the right time to start playing sports?

Except for the presence of particular pathologies, such as asthma and severe heart disease, in the presence of which it is always better to consult the pediatrician, there are no particular contraindications on what is the right time to start your children practicing sport.


Given that obviously the infant must have reached a psycho-physical development that allows him to stand on his legs and perform the most elementary movements, generally the most sporting parents, who like children and young people have played sports, or believe firmly in the positive effect of sport for the growth of children, they begin to make the physical activity over the age span of 3 to 6 years, taking them to courses or enrolling them in sports associations.

In this first approach, in which the capacities are necessarily limited, but their potential is very high, the ideal would be to focus on simple and generic motor activities that contribute to the harmonious development of their organism. Among the recommended sports there are generally gymnastics, dance and swimming, which involve all parts of the body in a balanced and gradual manner, without requiring special skills and the exercise of a force still out of reach for our children.

With the passing of the sixth year of age, in addition to the psycho-physical abilities of the child, his approach to the sport will also be perfected, so that the aspect of the game and the movement, which had prevailed up until now, will take a back seat. will be able to think of proposing other types of sports. Thanks to its improved coordination and precision and to the increase in strength and endurance, you can think of enrolling it in athletics or a martial arts course, or even getting it into a football or basketball team.

From the first motor experiences, it will then be possible to move on to a sporting practice more suited to his physical abilities and personal attitudes, to begin to enter a more complete and mature dimension of sporting practice, up to reaching the competitive and competitive approach typical of the adolescent age.